Global Research Alliances

Advancing research & capacity development through sustainable global partnership programs

Connecting UA researchers to new international opportunities, Global Research Alliances (GRA) works alongside colleges to scale sustainable global programs. Strategically designed GRA capacity development efforts advance excellence in international research and fulfill varied knowledge transfer infrastructure needs throughout the world.

Defense Offsets/Industrial Cooperation

University of Arizona research faculty develop and execute mutually beneficial knowledge/technology transfer-based capacity development projects alongside foreign governments and industry partners. Defense Offsets funds UA research and supports in-country development needs. 

Examples of diverse, interdisciplinary UA offset concepts include:

  • Laboratory infrastructure development and staffing
  • Water, hydrology, and flood management, assessment and prediction systems
  • Clean energy systems
  • Precision medicine clinical care
  • Cyber infrastructure and security
  • Optical sciences technology applications
  • Space asset protection

Capacity Development

By connecting UA faculty research directly to foreign government and/or international industry needs, GRA expands the university's competitive presence within the international research environment. We provide capability for UA faculty to leverage their knowledge and technological achievent in a foreign venue under the sponsorship of defense companies. GRA strategically manages UA research capabilities and approaches to form collective partnerships with international governments’ economic development priorities - addressing operational intricacies within a complex “research-product”-driven arena.   


Key Contacts:

John Mester, Associate Vice President, Research Development
Research, Discovery & Innovation

Todd Shallcross, Associate, International Program Development
520. 626.2235

Andrea Finger, Project Analyst