Micro/Nano Fabrication Center

The Micro/Nano Fabrication Center, or MNFC, offers industrial space and facilities, device processing, and characterization equipment to researchers from academia, federal agencies, and the private sector.
The MNFC consists of approximately 15,000 square feet of space, with clean room space, a high capacity ultra-pure water system, an automated wastewater neutralization system, chemical storage bunkers, a mechanical shop, gas storage space, and a semiconductor grade Liquid/Gas N2 distribution system.
Several advanced research projects are currently underway at the MNFC, each helping investigators from a variety of backgrounds achieve their research and development goals.

We provide our clients with an extensive processing background to help them with their research and development activity. We train users to safely operate our equipment. We conduct regular free workshops focused on certain capabilities of interest. We support and assist faculty with lab courses requiring the use of Center's facility and equipment.

Four-Point Probe                                 9

Alpha Step 200                                      12

Wire Bonder                                           43

PECVD Deposition                              80

LPCVD                                                        203

Evaporation                                            71

Filmetrics F20                                        8

KLA Tencor P-15 Profiler                  52

Labor                                                          40

Lithography Exposure                       52

Nitrogen                                                    150

Oxidation/Anneal Furnace             66

Single Access/Guest Pass                  21

Plasma Clean                                          38

Plasma Etch                                            52

Probestation Microscope               11

Diamond Saw                                        71

Nano Fab Space                                    15

Spin Coater                                             34

Si Wafer                                                     40

Wet Bench/Clean/Etch/Hood       49

•       ebeam

•       LPCVD

•       Photolighography

•       Wet/dry - plasma etch

•       Metrology, profilometry


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