Imaging Cores - Electron (Life Sciences North)

The IC-Electron provides high-tech, high-resolution biological transmission electron microscopy tools to the UA biomedical research community, as well as industry partners.

The IC-Electron is overseen by the Core Facilities department of the Office for Research, Innovation & Impact.

This Imaging Core is the only biological transmission electron microscopy, or TEM, facility on the UA campus. TEM provides the ability to observe cellular organelles at single nanometer resolutions. These instruments, supported by staff with decades of experience, enable researchers to discover new information about the interrelationships of structure and function in cells, tissues, and other samples.

·       Full service electron microscopy – users bring wet tissue samples, our lab then processes, embeds, sections, stains and finally images the samples on the transmission electron microscope

·       Training and technical support for people interested in using the FEI Tecnai Spirit TEM

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·       FEI Tecnai Spirit Transmission Electron Microscope