Translational Bioimaging Resource - Small Animals

The Translational Bioimaging Resource – Small Animals does small animal MR and PET/MR imaging.

The Lab manages a 7T Bruker Biospec research MRI scanner and a newly established PET/MRI capability. With these modalities, users can perform physiological and functional imaging of soft tissue anatomy, tumor growth, angiogenesis, cellularity, inflammation, myelination, myocardial function, early therapeutic effects, extracellular pH, redox state, and other applications. 3D anatomical imaging of soft tissues is performed at up to ~300 μm resolution. The facility has technical support to aid in surgical procedures and anesthesia, protocol modifications and compliance, safety training, and consultations.

The PET/MRI insert by Cubresa, Inc. enables evaluation of tumor therapy response through diffusion-weighted MRI with PET tracers specific for tumor proliferation, improved tumor detection through diffusion-weighted and T2-weighted MRI with PET tracers for specific biomarkers, evaluations of drug delivery and perfusion for molecular theranostics evaluations.

The Lab regularly works with researchers in the University of Arizona’s College of Science, College of Medicine, and College of Pharmacy, as well as industry partners dedicated to research and development in biomedicine and oncology.

  • 7T small animal MR imaging
  • PET/MR small animal imaging
  • Small animal aseptic instrumentation
  • Experiment consultation
  • IACUC animal protocol development
  • 7T machine time-unassisted: $33.50/hour
  • 7T machine time-operator assisted: $128/hour
  • 7T machine time-operator + animal tech: $170/hour
  • Animal Technician $57 hour
  • Bruker 7T MRI
  • Cubresa PET insert for MRI
  • Small animal aseptic procedure table
  • Isoflurane anesthesia


Christy Howison
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Imaging Cores, Biomedical Research Laboratory - MRI Small Animals overview - Core Facilities Fair 2017