WEST Center

The Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center is focused on water, wastewater treatment, and alternative energy.

The $5.5 million state-of-the-art facility, built by Pima County, brings together industry, government and academia for the development of new technologies that will help communities deal with water scarcity and reuse.

The WEST—Water & Energy Sustainable Technology—Center is unique in its ability to conduct the translational research necessary to advance the sustainable technologies of the future.

The WEST Center represents an important partnership—among few in the nation—that brings together various stakeholders to address some of the grand environmental challenges facing society today. The partnership involves Pima County, Tucson Water, numerous industrial partners, and the University of Arizona. Researchers from the UA’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Engineering work on site.

Located within Pima County’s water reclamation facility, Agua Nueva, WEST also is adjacent to reclaimed water recharge basins and constructed wetlands, all of which are part of the water reclamation campus and play an important part in the research being conducted in WEST laboratories.

With about 25 percent of the United States currently affected by drought, the WEST Center is poised to answer some of the nation’s biggest questions about sustainable water and energy use. Research at the facility also may lead to new technology regarding the re-use of potable wastewater.