Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute (Data7) aims to foster the next generation of data-driven research by encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, gaining external visibility, developing industry alliances, and increasing funding for UA research.

By connecting UA researchers and aligning institutional expertise, computational resources, and infrastructure, Data7 enables investigators to ask more complex questions and achieve outcomes not easily attainable as individual investigators or within purely disciplinary teams. Data7 is also connected with the UA Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) effort, focused on the theoretical foundations of Data Science. Data7 actively coordinates and communicates training activities in cooperation with the Data Science Resources & Training (DSRT) group.

What we do

We solicit one-page white papers describing projects that fit the mission and goals of Data7 and fall into our focus areas:

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image Analysis
  • Large-Scale Data Visualization

Projects should combine medium- to large-scale, multidisciplinary research teams with the intention of pursuing external funding in six to 12 months. The purpose should be to produce proof of concept and results that provide competitive advantage when pursuing funding opportunities.

Data7 provides initial support with part-time graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, technical staff, and computational infrastructure – all working to start new collaborations or broaden existing collaborations. Preference will be given to projects that have received favorable ranking but have not received funding.