Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

The Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry serves as a research incubator for the arts, humanities, and social sciences, dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations across campus communities and promoting creativity.

The Confluencenter was founded in 2010. By 2014, it had awarded more than $2.2 million to faculty, undergraduate, and graduate researchers and, by 2015, more than 250 projects supported by the Confluencenter in prestigious awards for faculty, national press, and tenure-track teaching positions for its graduate fellows.

In 2015, Lydia Otero, a University of Arizona Mexican American studies professor, received a Faculty Collaboration Grant from the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry to help realize her Barrio Stories Project, aimed at reviving the history of a culturally diverse, 80-acre residential and business district in downtown Tucson called the Barrio.

With funding from the Center, Otero was able to work in conjunction with the Borderlands Theater, youth, anthropologists, historians and playwrights to create plays in order to share the neighborhood’s rich history and reclaim the voices of its community members.

Through programming such as this, the Center demonstrates commitment to the artistic and scholarly endeavors of faculty and students who, with their research, address some of the grand challenges of humanity. Additionally, the Center values public outreach, and sharing knowledge in engaging ways with the broader community.