Fulbright Connections: Mexico


This information panel session will showcase the Fulbright experience to study and conduct research, featuring Fulbright Scholars from Mexico at the UofA, and Fulbright Scholars from UofA who went to Mexico.

Moderator: Emily Kotay, RDS

Panelist speakers include:

  • Tania Martinez, Fulbright Scholar (student grantee) at the University of Arizona from Oaxaca, Mexico, Master’s student in Biosystems Engineering, and Fulbright COMEXUS Ambassador for Indigenous Women
  • Osciel Salazar, Fulbright Scholar (student grantee), Doctoral student, Latin American History
  • Stephanie Buechler, Fulbright Scholar (faculty grantee), Associate Research Professor, School of Geography and Development
  • Danielle Barefoot, Fulbright Program Advisor, Office of Nationally Competitive Scholars, who assists University of Arizona students applying to Fulbright to go abroad

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10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday

Event Contacts

Emily Kotay - Associate, International Research