This Laboratory is equipped with CAMECA SX100 Ultra and CAMECA SX50 electron probe microanalyzers (EPMA) that perform rapid, non-destructive chemical analysis of solid samples.
Offering fluorescence deconvolution microscopy, which is particularly well suited for thinner samples that may be too dim to image on a confocal microscope.
Small animal imaging with 7T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) instrument with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) capabilities. Additional small animal imaging capabilities include high resolution Ultrasound imaging (VEVO 2100). Preclinical imaging of human subjects is available with a 3T MRI.
The Keck Center for Nano-Scale Imaging provides optical, scanning electron and atomic force imaging services as well as sensitive absorbance and infrared spectroscopy analysis.
The Cancer Imaging Shared Resource (CISR) provides access to turnkey optical image acquisition and analysis technologies. CISR also offers a developmental component to evaluate and initiate new research projects, and provides access to a range of approaches for small animal experiments, including in vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging, PET/SPECT imaging, and micro CT imaging. CISR also offers image analysis, and acts as a central clearinghouse to consolidate and standardize state-of-the-art image processing and analysis routines.
The Biomedical Imaging Core offers leading edge multiphoton and confocal microscopy for biomedical imaging and data collection. Conveniently located on the downtown Phoenix Biomedical Campus at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix, the core is designed to be a community-based resource available to UA affiliated and non-affiliated faculty and researchers.
IC Marley is available to help researchers with light microscopy-based research projects. Housing state-of-the-art laser scanning confocal microscopes, it offers technical support to advance scientific inquiry and aid in experimental design.
The IC LSN provide high-tech, high-resolution microscope tools to the UA biomedical research community, as well as industry partners.
The Imaging Cores, Kuiper – Electron Microscopy provide access to cutting-edge instrumentation for electron microscopy – the backbone of nanotechnology – and Raman spectroscopy. Experienced personnel can assist and facilitate research.
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