Visualization Consulting is a service that allows researchers to create graphical representations of data and simulation. There computer-generated images and animations allow researchers to visually analyze their data and explore infinite results while changing parameters. Services include consulting, training, demonstrations and equipment for high-resolution visualization output and explorations.
CyVerse provides a national cyber infrastructure for life science research as well as training scientists in using such high performance computing resources. Formerly the iPlant Collaborative, CyVerse provides a platform for data storage, bioinformatics tools, image analyses, and cloud services. CyVerse also allows programmatic access through multiple APIs. The CyVerse Learning Center provides valuable information for getting started using CyVerse resources.
The University’s Research Data Center provides for storage of computational data.
The High Performance/High Throughput (HPC/HTC) Computing systems provides research resources for testing and running large codes, parallel-processing codes, visualization and scientific applications.
The Bioinformatics Shared Resource provides support in the following areas: analysis of genomic, genetic, proteomics, and other types of molecular data sets of cancer cells and tissues; analysis of large cancer molecular datasets and clinical annotated datasets from NIH consortiums, medical institutions or public resources; biological interpretation of data, including pathway and ontology analysis, systems analysis, genetic vulnerabilities for drug targeting, predictive patterns for outcome, and data modeling; and informatics support for Cancer Center projects and other Shared Resources in the
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