UA Administrators

Conflict of Interest Responsibilities for Administrators

The University of Arizona has a responsibility to ensure integrity and transparency in managing the intersections of its public and private interests, thereby preserving the integrity of its research enterprise and the public’s trust. The University has implemented its Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy to assist University of Arizona administrators in applying and complying with the University’s requirements regarding training, disclosure, review, and reporting of conflicts of interest.

What is an Institutional Conflict of Interest?

An Institutional Conflict of Interest, for purposes of this Policy, describes a situation in which the financial interests of the University, or of individuals in a position to make decisions with University-wide implications, may affect or appear to affect decisions made on behalf of the institution in connection with its Missions. Careful balancing and management of the University’s competing interests becomes necessary when Significant Financial Interests[1] of the University or of a University Administrator have the potential to influence or appear to influence the conduct of research or business and administrative decisions made by or on behalf of the University.

An University Administrator is defined as:

"Any individual in a position of administrative leadership of the recognized University college, academic department, business, or other administrative unit, where a regular job requirement is to make institutional decisions on the behalf of the University of Arizona.  The role of a University Administrator includes, but is not limited to, the following positions (whether such positions are staffed on an interim, full-time or part-time basis):

University Vice/Associate/Assistant Presidents University Provost

University Vice/Associate/Assistant Provosts University Deans

University Vice/Associate/Assistant Deans University Directors

University Department Heads/Chairs University Business Officers/Managers

University Division Chiefs, Center Heads/Directors

University employees with the authority to sign agreements on behalf of the University of Arizona

Individuals who serve as Chairs on the University's Institutional Review Board committees, regardless of whether such individuals are employees of the University.

What do UA Administrators have to disclose?

UA Administrators must disclose "Significant Financial Interest of University Administrators" and the "Significant Financial Interests of the University" to the Conflict of Interest Program.

How to Disclose:

Prior to disclosing, you must complete a short Conflict of Interest training module. This training is embedded in the Online Disclosure. Log in to the disclosure system using your NetID and Password to complete the required training and your disclosure.

The training is valid for four (4) years, after which time you must complete the training again. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your training certificate.

For detailed instructions for completing your disclosure, please see Instructions for Completing Your Financial Disclosure.

Please contact the Conflict of Interest Program at or (520) 626-6406 for assistance.