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Applied NanoBioscience & Medicine nanofabrication facility (Phoenix)

BIOASSAY DEVELOPMENT/MOLECULAR TECHNIQUES: Our team of biologists have expertise in performing molecular laboratory services that comprise bioassay chemistries development and validation but also analytical tests with the scope of nucleic acids and proteins. In particular the team has access to laboratory equipment related to DNA forensic or other clinical tests. BIOLAB: The Center's molecular biology and general chemistry lab facilities occupy 1500 square feet with five fume hoods, two biosafety cabinets and an 80 foot bench area. These provide the capability for full scale molecular biology research, as well as facilitate the development of different bioassays and bioanalytical characterizations. INSTRUMENTATION/SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: The center has a fully equipped electrical engineering laboratory and a group of experienced hardware and software engineers to perform prototyping tasks ranging from circuit design, boards prototyping, electronic assembly and full instrumentation development within compliant industry quality standards. NANOFABRICATION: The nanofabrication facility occupies totally 900 square feet of space with a 750 square foot Class 1000 cleanroom. It provides fabrication, characterization and design services of a variety of structures, materials and devices at nano- and microscale for the University of Arizona community, as well as external academic and industrial users. PLASTIC FABRICATION: The fabrication team can address your prototyping needs for the development of integrated assay platforms using Lab on Chip (LOC’s) or multi-layer thermoplastic laminates. Our in-house expertise in design, general machining, NC machining and mechanical assembly allows for quick turnaround times for your prototypes.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 11:30


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