Anticipated FY22 NSF (PIRE) Partnerships for International Research and Education

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Internal Deadline

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


UArizona anticipates a limit of one institutional submission.

In FY 2022, OISE plans to relaunch a restructured Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program whose solicitation will be released in FY 2021. OISE plans to invest $14.0 million with a focused research theme related to climate change or clean energy-related research. OISE plans to coordinate with research and education directorates to facilitate the acceleration of discovery, increase scientific impact, and to strengthen U.S. leadership in science and engineering. PIRE will continue its support for high quality research and education opportunities that cannot occur without international collaboration.

ONLY PIs/Teams who submit an Expression of Interest through UA Competition Space will be eligible for consideration for the institutional submission.

Should NSF release their solicitation prior to the end of FY21 (September 30, 2021) RII will revise this internal limited submission call based on the specifics of the solicitation. The deadline may be extended should this occur. If NSF does not release their solicitation prior to the end of FY21, RII will use this EOI to facilitate teams and collaborations in preparation for the full solicitation. A down select will occur based on the teams that submitted to the EOI unless there is a well justified case to reopen the internal limited submission. A well justified case would be, for example, an NSF solicitation with very specific topic areas of interest that are not covered by a team that submitted an EOI.

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