Core Facilities

The University of Arizona (UA) is home to a host of research resources called “core facilities” that are available for use by faculty, students, and scientists.

Research core facilities, which are focused on a variety of research disciplines, are shared research facilities that offer:

  • Specialized scientific instruments/equipment
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Services including training, education, and expert consultation

Core facilities are

  • Unique: Capabilities are not available elsewhere on campus and, in many cases, within the region
  • Enabling: Enable a broad range of research, fostering a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Accessible: Placed in central locations to make them equally accessible to all users
  • Sustainable: Generally recover their cost, or a portion of their cost, of providing service by charging user fees

Among the many UA cores, there are ten that report directly to the Senior Vice President for Research: